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  • Dual Orbit Type Rail Switch

    Which mainly use for changing the orbit direction in dual rail type convey rail, the detail data as following: Precision casting Hot galvanized steel /Stainless steel

  • Horizontal Type carcass Scraping Conveyor

    Which mainly use for receiving pig carcass form dehairing machine and conveying the pig carcass for hanging, the detail data as following: 1)- Material: Stainless steel Hot galvanized steel 2)- Technical parameters: Power: 1.1KW Out size: LX1500X700mm

  • Acclivitous Pig Hoist Machine

    Which mainly use to lift pig carcass from bleed conveyor table to bleeding conveyor rail, the detail data as following: -Material: Hot galvanized steelsteel High strength composite nylon materialIdler wheel Precision castingiron 2)- Technical parameters: Power:2.2 KW Transport speed:17m/Min Lifting height: According to design

  • Pig Sliding Chute

    Which mainly use to slid pig form stunning machine to pig bleeding conveyor table, the detail data as following: 1)- Material:Stainless steel 2)-Out size: 1555 X 1040 X 545mm (LXWXH)

  • Living Pig Entrance Channel

    Which mainly use to limited and guide living pig from the hold pen to slaughter house, the detail data as following: 1)- Material:Hot galvanized steel steel 3)- Technical parameters: The dual-channel width:840mm The single-channel width:420mm Out size:LX1020X1090 mm (LXWXH), Remark: Configuration bridge between channel and living pig three point stunning machine