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Container type poultry slaughtering line workshop Integrated chicken abattoir workshop

Slaughtering Capacity: 500-800 chicken per hour
Installation Plant Request: Container integrated workshop
Out size of slaughtering line: 11800 * 2500 * 2300mm (L*W*H)
Bleeding Time: Effective time: 4min/500BPH、2.6min/800BPH
Scalding Time: Effective time: 85S/500BPH、54S/800BPH
Pre-cooling Time:Effective time: 60min/500BPH、45min/800BPH
Evisceration Time:Effective time: 3.1min/500BPH、1.85min/800BPH
Water Consumption: 5Ton/8hour
Power Rate & Consumption: 72.7kw(scalding by electric)

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